Jazz Pentatonics Advanced Improvising Concepts for Guitar by Bruce Saunders

Πεντατονικές κλίμακες της jazz για κιθάρα με κανονική σημειογραφία και ταμπλατούρα (Βιβλίο με online audio)
Κωδικός προϊόντος: 11.01.3619
Κατασκευαστής: Mel Bay

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Description Εκδότης: Mel Bay
Κωδ.εκδ.: MLB20416M
Γλώσσα: Αγγλικά
Σελίδες: 48
Jazz Pentatonics is for intermediate to advanced players wishing to expand their melodic and harmonic vocabulary. The music is in standard notation as well as tablature and audio is included in which the more difficult exercises are played at a slower as well as faster tempo. The audio was recorded with live Drums, acoustic Bass and Guitar. All the exercises are included on the audio recording as well as play-along tracks that enable the student to play with a rhythm section.
This book covers the minor 7, dominant 7, minor 7(b5) and major (b6) pentatonics and gives the student many etudes and exercises from which to draw improvisational ideas. Includes access to online audio.

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