Fender Bass Manual by Paul Balmer

Οδηγός αγοράς, συντήρησης και ρύθμισης. Με σκληρό εξώφυλλο
Κωδικός προϊόντος: 10.01.0381
Κατασκευαστής: Haynes

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Description Εκδότης: Haynes
Κωδ.εκδ.: HAYH4817
Γλώσσα: Αγγλικά
Σελίδες: 201
In 1950 Leo Fender took on the challenge of making a string bass audible in 'Western Swing'. He also wanted to design a bass playable by guitarists - with 'Precision' fretting and a workable 'scale'. His audacious solution caused a revolution and today no aspect of popular music is untouched by his genius.

This easy-to-use manual offers advice on how to get the best from your Fender Bass, be it a budget Chinese Squier or a Classic Jazz. With step-by-step guidance and clear colour photographs, subjects include changing pickups, adjusting a truss rod, active EQ and a DIY fretless conversion on a budget Squier.

Seventeen case studies examine in detail everything from an ex-John Entwistle 1952-53 USA-made '51-type precision to Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican and Chinese Fender Bass variants, including Jazz, Telecaster Bass, Bass VI, Bronco, Mustang and Jaguar. Legendary Californian session bassist Carol Kaye supplies a foreword and there are 'Tech Tip' contributions from world-renowned Bass experts John and Andy Diggins.

_ Buying a Fender Bass
_ Know your Fender Precision
_ Know your '60s Fender Jazz
_ Setting up and tuning
_ Repairs, maintenance and adjustments
_ Case studies
_ Key Fender players and their basses

Author Paul Balmer played his first Fender Bass in 1961 and has recorded hundreds of Fender Basses in the recording studio as engineer and producer. With invaluable guidance from professional luthier John Diggins, Paul has enjoyed restoring his '51- and '57-type Precisions and upgrading a fretless Jazz.

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